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Every parent wants the best for their child, and there’s no exception when it comes to dental care. At KidSmile Dental, we want the best for your child too! We’re always striving for the highest quality when it comes to our care and customer service. Whenever you need a new kids dentist in Spokane Valley, we’d love for you to consider our local children’s dental office. We can’t wait to show you the KidSmile difference!

About Our Friendly Children’s Dentist

Dr. Joel Blake is a friendly children’s dentist who works hard to make sure your kid has a lifetime of great dental health and happy smiles. He has a knack for setting his young patients at ease in what can sometimes seem like an intimidating environment. Dr. Blake is known for being a calm, kind dental professional who explains dental care to kids in easy-to-understand terms that don’t sound scary at all. He is also on call 24/7 for whenever those unexpected emergencies come up and you need professional help. Dr. Blake looks forward to meeting you and your child!


Modern Dentistry for Kids

At KidSmile Dental, we provide modern, comprehensive dentistry for kids of all ages. In other words, we’re there for children from the time they get their first tooth all the way to when they’ve reached adulthood. We encourage you to bring your kid in for regular dental check-ups twice a year and any time they need something a little extra to maintain great health. From sealants and sports mouthguards to fillings and crowns, our wide range of treatments can keep your child’s teeth and gums in excellent condition.

When providing dental care, our experienced team uses leading-edge technology so that your child is treated safely and gently, and gets the most accurate diagnoses. We use digital X-rays that emit significantly less radiation than traditional X-rays, and we also have the CariVU device to precisely pinpoint cavities without any radiation. We’re big believers in bringing parents into the process so they fully understand what’s going on with their children’s dental health and always have the final say about next steps.


A Fun Dentist’s Office for Children

Visiting the dentist doesn’t have to seem like a chore! We’ve filled our Spokane Valley office with kid-friendly amenities so dental visits feel a little less clinical and a little more fun for your child. There’s a play area and chalkboard wall for the youngsters, and there are video games, Netflix, and Apple TV for older kids. While your child is off having a great time, you can unwind with our complimentary WiFi and coffee. We do all we can to make sure both kids and their parents feel comfortable while in our care!

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