Tooth extractions for kids

Tooth Extractions for Kids

At KidSmile Dental, we do our best to save your child’s teeth, whether they’re “baby” teeth or permanent teeth. But sometimes, we have to extract a tooth to prevent or remove infection, or because of irreversible damage. If our team recommends an extraction for your child, rest assured that he or she will be in gentle and capable hands with Dr. Blake and our team.

Why Tooth Extractions?

When we think of kids and losing teeth, we often think about tying a string around a tooth and doorknob so there’s something for the Tooth Fairy. When a tooth is loose and ready to fall out, at-home “extractions” are simple, and some kids really have fun coming up with new ways to get the tooth out. But if a tooth needs to be extracted but isn’t loose, it’s a lot less fun!

A tooth that’s not loose may need to be extracted for a number of reasons. If there is a deep cavity that has caused an infection, or if an injury has caused damage to the tooth that we can’t fix with a simple dental crown, Dr. Blake may recommend an extraction. Another reason for extraction is to provide space for surrounding teeth to erupt properly and as preparation for orthodontics.

Sedation During Tooth Extractions

Thinking about having a tooth pulled can make even the calmest dental patient a little anxious. Dr. Blake provides relaxing sedation to your child to ensure that he or she is comfortable throughout the entire process. We have nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”) and oral conscious (“twilight”) sedation. During your consultation, talk with our team about which option is best for your child.

We provide safe and comfortable tooth extractions for kids.

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