What Sets Us Apart from other Dentists?

KidSmile Dental is designed to be child-friendly and inviting. We’ve equipped our facility with some of the best technology available, to provide gentle and efficient care that will keep kids begging to coming back.

Does your child have special needs? Each of our providers and staff are attentive to the unique needs of children with medical, developmental, and behavioral concerns.

Some of the services that we offer include:

  • White fillings
  • Crowns and pulpotomies
  • Early intervention orthodontics and space maintainers
  • Extractions
  • Dietary counseling
  • Oral hygiene instruction
  • Oral cancer screenings
  • Emergency dentistry
  • Protective mouth guards for athletes
  • Sedation dentistry

For children who require anesthesia or sedation during their dental procedure, we work closely with medical anesthesiologists who are able to provide their services here in our Spokane Valley practice. There’s no need to travel to an off-site surgery center or hospital.

The KidSmile Dental Mission

At KidSmile Dental, we provide comprehensive children’s dentistry in a convenient location. You can even arrange to schedule everyone’s treatment at once, so that your family doesn’t have to shuffle back and forth or waste valuable time. Our caring team is committed to facilitating a positive experience for each child.

If your child needs immediate care or is experiencing a dental emergency, we can often start treatment on the very same day. There’s no need to worry or spend days waiting for an appointment, we can see you today.

Our insurance friendly practice works closely with your carrier to help you maximize your benefits and limit out of pocket expenses. If a certain procedure isn’t covered under your insurance plan, we offer affordable payment options.

What Parents Have to Say

We’re thrilled to hear just how much parents love bringing their children to our dental practice. If you’re searching for an office that’s relaxed, inviting, and attentive to your child’s unique needs, we’re happy to help. Read some of our parent testimonials to see how we’ve assisted families just like yours.

Creating Healthy Smiles for Life

Our focus on prevention and education empowers children to have healthy teeth from a very young age. Through ongoing care and oral hygiene, it’s possible for them to limit the number of dental problems that they experience as adults. We feel that a positive relationship with a pediatric dental team can help change the way your child views dental care in the future.

We’re Open Early!

Need to fit that dental checkup in before school? KidSmile Dental opens as early as 7am during the week, so that you can get on with your busy day. You might even be able to make it to classes before the tardy bell rings!

When Should My Child See the Dentist?

Pediatricians and pediatric dental experts agree: children should have their first checkup by age 1 or earlier, if their first tooth is beginning to erupt. At these visits, our Spokane Valley team will equip parents with the resources necessary to ensure that their child’s teeth are well cared for. Early visits allow us to screen for potential concerns before they become extensive problems down the road.

Call KidSmile Dental today to schedule your child or family’s next appointment with our kid-friendly dentist and team.

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