Dental Crowns for Kids

Dental Crowns for Kids

At KidSmile Dental, we want to help your child live a life behind their healthiest smile. That's why we do everything we can to save baby teeth that have become damaged rather than resorting to just removing them, which could actually open the door to more problems. Our practice provides dental crowns for children's teeth as a way to protect and restore their smile back to the best it can be.

Reasons for Pediatric Dental Crowns

5th Avenue Dental states that, "Dental Crowns (also known as “caps”) are a full-coverage restoration that cover and protect the fragile tooth underneath." Crowns can restore the shape and size of damaged teeth. A pediatric dental crown is often used whenever a tooth has decay and a simple filling isn’t enough to strengthen and protect it. This can happen fairly easily because the enamel of baby teeth is thinner, allowing cavities to spread out to a larger area. Pediatric dental crowns might also be used to fix a cracked or chipped tooth in order to prevent further damage or to make sure your child’s chewing is not affected.

Many parents wonder if a dental crown is really necessary on a baby tooth when it’ll just fall out anyways. Yes! It’s still important to treat and save a damaged baby tooth because that tooth serves as an important guide or placeholder for the permanent tooth that will eventually come in. If the tooth is lost prematurely, that open space could negatively affect proper tooth development, or even proper speech development.

Kids Dental Crown Procedure

First things first: we will use local anesthetic to help ensure that your child doesn’t feel pain during the procedure. It’s normal for children to experience dental anxiety or even dental fear, and we have safe sedation options available to calm their nerves if you find it necessary. Learn more about nitrous oxide, oral conscious sedation, and general anesthesia!

f your kid is getting a dental crown to fix decay, we’ll first remove all of the affected material. We will then prepare the tooth so that the dental crown fits naturally and snugly on top. Afterwards, we’ll bond the dental crown in place and check that everything is fitting and feeling okay.

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